Short Getaway! (final)

dua post sebelumnya menyeritakan 'kesialan' yang terjadi di liburan kemaren. However, we still having fun and still laughing every time we recalling those memories over and over again. 

To sums up, here they are the photos taken in Hong Kong and I bet you won't ever knew that we got tricked (twice) if you look at these pictures.

One lazy day after we wasted our energy at disneyland

at Hongkong University 

Having experience got lost with this girl yet we still managed it somehow!

We took more than five shot, and Tami look exactly the same in every shot. 

Almost go home without seeing this beautiful scenery

To infinite and beyond!

Lucky me to have these girls as my companion during this unfortunate-but-happy trip. Once again we made another memories before we graduate and go separate. Our trip surely consisted of all emotion we had and yet we still laughing so hard to overcome all. I just wanna say thank you, and until next trip, girls!

ummm...... well, this is another story. 


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