Have you ever?

Have you ever cry over happiness?

Yes I have. This noon.

It all started of how I spent what-people-called-valentine's day by only lying on my bed a whole day because i'm too weak to do something else. The rain from two days ago had made Bandung even colder than before. Then guess who's the one who easily catch a cold and get sick? yes it's me. Thank God all the timing of me having ill is in my day-off, so i do not have to skip class.

Well, after spending hours and hours only scrolling my cellphone and rewatched how i met your mother for a million times i thought it would be nice if i call my mom. Since i have not talked to her for almost a week..? Then here it goes.

At first, the reason why i called is to told her my condition and as the last child i need a sympathetic affection just in case it can heal me. But then, my mom did not say much about my ill.
When i called her, she was in the middle of cooking and want to sold it. My mom told me everything from the beginning why she sold it and how it turned it out until now. From her voice, I knew she was very excited. Very excited. Then my tears started to drop.

When was the last time i hear her voice sounds excited just like now?
She told me about it like it was her passion. She told me like she wanted to ensure me that she was fine even though all of her daughter is not home with her. She told me like she is happy now.

I love you mom, and I love you if you can be this happy,
I will and forever will make you happy.

Wait for me to come home:)


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