10 months in smansa.

Now I'm just realized. It has been 10 months. 10 months. 10 months in smansa. I'm already being a smansa's student since July 2011. And, If we count until today, it has been 10 month. From very beginning with a whole test to get in to smansa. And then start the first day in smansa, with a new friend, with a lot of assignment of MOPD-_- After a week, the real life of smansa is beginning. With a lot of many organisation in smansa, I chose Mpk/Osis. And there's a test too-_- But, you never regret to join or chose this organisisation. because we're family and have a lot of funny thing to do! Do not forget about the class. The first class in high school's life. There's 31 friends in this class to be a partner to face the really hard smansa's life. My class is X-3 Spextrum with adel-andini-bimbim-clara-dara-efi-fandy-faiq-sirin-garnet-reza-jodhy-kania-khoirul-lia-arkaan-mamet-nazra-pale-okti-rakhmi-rezdi-rizka-jr-icha-noni-riri-shalfa-shinta-surya-syifa. love you all guys ({}).

And here we go a capture about 10 month in smansa.

my MOPD's class, X4DANAUTOBA
spextrum in the first event in smansa, Garuda. It still a little bit awkward.

me-adzra-amel-kak tami- kak kiki. it;s my first time to be a commitee in smansa's event.
GEISTS! the first commitee just with mpos35, a gathering.

Raker (Rapat kerja) is my first dispen! mihihi, because I've chosen to be a secretary of sekbid E, anf this is a picture while raker with sekbid F

Sekbid E! we celebrate our leader's birthday with the other mpos.

celebrating alif's birthday! kak manda made her cry! look! her face still "komok" when we took a picture.

My ekstrakurikuler, strada(saman). First performance at closing SFL under the rain!
Launching commitee of Aksi35 Heritage. And......................... i've chosen to be secretary two. This is my team partner!

bazaar with spextrum, we're getting closer

celebrating kak mila's birthday
pengalas with spextrum at syifa's house from 10 a.m until 5 p.m!

Ragunan with mpos! a kind of refreshing in the middle of school test and Aksi

celebrating amel's birthday! The first sharing session with sekom E and playing truth or truth!

naya-me-ninis bergalau-ing in front of the osis room
kak ai-me-amel-kak arin at night in smansa, talking about something, kinda sharing session:)
and that's it! pretty much photos because I love capture moment and being captured, huehe-_-
It;s the end of 10 months in smansa, but there's one that i can't show you the image of spectacular event in smansa, because it hasn't happened yet-__- and tons of luck for #33scholastic and keep spirit committee of #Aksi35smansa


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